Our Values

Streets are public space.

As technology becomes embedded in the way we move around our cities, governments need to be able to understand and manage public spaces like streets and sidewalks. In order to do this, cities need precise data about private mobility.

SharedStreets is committed to ensuring cities have technically sophisticated tools for managing streets that are flexible and open. We build our tools to simultaneously ensure personal privacy and government access to fine-grain movement data.

SharedStreets builds tools and software that adhere to high standards of privacy. We believe that:


Data aggregation transforms how cities can understand and manage their streets. Aggregate data sets can provide precise answers to specific questions while minimizing privacy concerns and trade secret sensitivity.

Street-linked data jumpstarts collaboration & preserves individual privacy.Using SharedStreets references provides specific and precise information about where things happen on the street. Combining this with data aggregation reduces the substantial privacy and legal risks associated with taking in individual trip movement data. Aggregate data sets linked to the street can be merged across providers, modes of travel, and times of the day, without losing precise locations. This reduces the effort required to combine disparate data sources and gives a holistic view of how streets work for different users.

Metrics that drive policy and enforcement must be transparent and non-proprietary. Algorithmic methods that support public policy or oversight must remain open, transparent and legible, just as the laws and regulations they implement are. We work with cities to automate and open up common metrics (link) and are working toward ways to ensure the trusted exchange of accurate information.

Governments need safe & future proof data storage Cities must be able to re-run aggregation analysis as they develop new use cases for the data. Our connector has developed encryption tools to store data that can help prevent large data breaches.