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SharedStreets builds open source software and tools that are meant to be modular and interoperable. Plug-in where you want to and leave (with your data) when you need to.

  1. Start with our open source code on GitHub.
  2. Configure and customize our tools to fit your needs.
  3. Reach out for help getting started

Government Agency

We build our software and tools to empower local governments with open source technology solutions that you can use as is, or configure and customize for your city. Our team is here to get you started and support you along the way.

  1. Learn more about how our pilot programs may be useful for your city's data analysis, transportation planning and management.
  2. Interested in implementing or just learning more? Reach out to get started. We're a non-profit and don't charge for tools or support.
  3. Want to start using SharedStreets today? See the developer steps for our GitHub or check out our toolkit to get a better understanding of how SharedStreets works.

Private Sector

SharedStreets is a nonprofit organization. We work closely with cities and private companies to produce scalable open source projects that benefit the entire transportation industry.

  1. Connect with us on ways for your company to get involved
  2. Learn more about the use cases for our open source referencing system through our pilot projects
  3. Explore the SharedStreets Toolkit to learn more about what SharedStreets is and how it works

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