SharedStreets is a shared language for the world's streets.

Maps today have trouble communicating precise, machine readable information. Our global referencing system, connects information about the street across jurisdictions, companies and governments. We build open source software, digital infrastructure, and governance frameworks to enable public-private collaboration and the seamless exchange of transport data.

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Street Referencing System

SharedStreets Referencing System is a global, non-proprietary system for describing streets. The Referencing System is the foundation of the SharedStreets toolkit and it is used to connect a wide range of street-linked data. The Referencing System connects street data from private companies and cities. Referenced data can then be transferred between different maps seamlessly.

Data Standards

All of our pilots are powered by non-proprietary data standards. When we can, we use prevailing industry standards, otherwise we work with experts in that specialty to produce an open standard.

Aggregation and Anonymization

Transportation data contains sensitive data about the movement of people. Data aggregation, anonymization and encryption is necessary for datasets containing geospatial data that could be personally identifiable. SharedStreets creates open source software for aggregation and encryption that protects user privacy & business interests when dealing with potentially reidentifiable information.

Data Visualization

SharedStreets creates user interfaces to reduce barriers and pay walls in visualizing government owned data and allow for instantaneous visualization and analysis. We commit to making all data in our interfaces portable to other maps using SharedStreets references and downloadable in GeoJSON format.


Our pilots build crucial partnerships between cities and private sector innovators.

They produce standardized and replicable data models and reusable open source tools for others to build from.


We want to empower everyone with the tools to build the digital streets of the future.

Our open source infrastructure powers projects around the world. We seek to build digital infrastructure that creates more value than it capture. Are you using our referencing system to power your work? We would love to know how it's being used!

Funding and Partners

SharedStreets is project of the Open Transport Partnership, a nonprofit organization. We work to produce scalable open source projects that benefit the entire transportation industry.

Currently, SharedStreets is powered by a growing network of cities, philanthropic, and private sector partners committed to reimagining how we produce and share data about streets.

We are committed to the independence and autonomy of our projects and software. We do not accept funding that affects our ability to pursue work free of external influence.

We are funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and a growing list of private-sector partners.