Pilot Projects

SharedStreets pilots are powered by collaboration between cities and private sector innovators. Our pilots projects produce standardized and replicable data models and reusable open source tools that help cities and of all sizes follow in others’ footsteps, and build crucial partnerships between the public and private sectors.

Taxi and TNC Activity

Using anonymized and aggregated data on for-hire vehicle pick-up and drop-off is helping cities better manage curb use in a way that protects user privacy. SharedStreets aggregates and anonymizes data about pick-up and drop-off before it ever leaves the company’s servers.

DC DFHV, Uber, Lyft, DCDOT

Utilizes the SharedStreets Matcher and related data aggregation standards.

Curbside management

The SharedStreets data standards allow cities to map their curb regulations and leverage other data sets like speed and for-hire pick-up and drop-off data to better understand curb use. With this tool, cities can reduce idling and circling vehicles, redesign streets to best match current demand, and lay the foundation for new dynamic pricing to better manage city streets.

Ford, Seattle DOT

Utilizes the SharedStreets GIS Conflation API and linear referencing standards.


SharedStreets is working to aggregate vehicle speed data from in-vehicle sensors to provide cities data on vehicle speeds to better understand their streets and congestion. This pilot is currently underway and more information will be available as we make progress.

Uber, cities TBA

Utilizes the SharedStreets Matcher and related data aggregation standards.

Incidents, Construction and Closure Data

We’re working with cities and private sector partners to use the SharedStreets linear referencing system to produce standarized data on constructions, closures and incidents.

(under development)